Eilis Crean
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(Laborious Conditions)
Drawing is central to my studio practice. It is exploration, reportage, extrapolation, and a combined visual, haptic, spatial and kinesthetic activity. It sometimes involves chroma, but not always; sometimes it is small, at times large. It is sometimes declarative and always investigative - seeking to uncover underlying structures and relationships dormant in the subject/image.

The series Laborious Conditions: Cashiers expands on references to time that form undercurrents in much of my work - cyclical and paused, geological and momentary, lost and seized, contemplative and purchased.

In the apparent anonymity of market machinations of time that has an hourly price, Laborious Conditions: Cashiers is a form of undercover reportage and documentation presenting working conditions of hourly laborers. I am working on publishing this series in book format for publication.

You may also view them at www.laboriousconditions.blogspot.com